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A reliable team dedicated to your apartment or house and your guests

Sérgio Sanchez
Information Management
Belkis Oliveira
Relationship with Partners

He uses his international experience to welcome visitors. Previously, he studied at the University of Louvain, and then worked for several years in Porto and Madrid in the field of commerce and consulting.

Belkis cultivates his passion for customer experience, and makes every effort to ensure your satisfaction and your guests. Belkis worked as a trainer at prestigious institutions in Portugal and later devoted herself to the social sector.

Katrin Mateo Villa
Sales Engineer
Angel Trujillo
Technological development

With extensive international experience in the design and hotel industry. Previously, she studied tourism, and then worked for several years in several European countries in the trade of design. Her tourism experience has been very important to launch Holiday Apartments Porto.

Passionate about innovation, Ángel has developed countless web projects for several companies with incredible results. It now ensures that the web client experience is as successful as the guests stay.

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